BTS tops 200,000 sold on Oricon, which is actually very good and not meaningless

BTS have sold over 200,000 copies of the Japanese version of “Blood Sweat And Tears“, and the single has topped the Oricon chart for four straight days.

That is a significant achievement by anybody in the Japanese music market, much less a Korean artist in this stage of the Hallyu Wave there (dead). To give you an idea of the significance, selling over 200,000 copies of the single would’ve already put them in the Top 30 of last year’s singles sales on Oricon, and at last check they sold 17,383 copies today so the number is continuing to rise.

Last year there was no Korean artist in the Top 30, so saying BTS are the next leaders of the Hallyu Wave in Japan isn’t a stretch at this point, it just matters if they continue to take it seriously or not (they should).


Thus, BTS’s Oricon performance is quite important and relevant. But hey, I guess not caring about the venerated Billboard Music Awards and instead focusing on meaningful accomplishments in the second-biggest music market in the world is just being a BTS anti or whatever.


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