Moon Hee Jun denied they ever lied about Soyul being pregnant, is technically right

Soyul of Crayon Pop recently gave birth to a baby girl, which served as another chance for people to bash her and Moon Hee Jun for their supposed lies to the public. Hell, for a while even I questioned shit for a bit and thought Moon Hee Jun saying they never lied was just damage control.

During the May 11 broadcast of his radio show “Moon Hee Jun and Jung Jae Hyung’s Enjoyable Life,” Moon Hee Jun responded to the criticism for the first time. “It’s a relief that the baby inside my wife’s belly isn’t aware of my heavy heart these days. I feel a bit wronged because we had neither affirmed nor denied the [pre-marital pregnancy] reports,” he explained. “I’m not even a top star like I was 10 years ago, but people have been giving us so much attention. I try not to read any news articles but our acquaintances keep expressing concern for us so I naturally find out about all the negativity,” he added. He also mentioned how worried he was for his wife Soyul, saying, “I’m used to not reading articles, but my pregnant wife keeps reading them.” He then asked the listeners to believe in him and his wife.

Looking back on it, though, MHJ is actually correct. He himself didn’t deny any shotgun marriage, as he was mainly busy refuting rumors that he was using fans to fund his wedding, and in a personal message Soyul left on her fancafe about the marriage, she also didn’t deny any pregnancy rumors.

Firstly, for causing fans worry and concern, sorry…
My thoughts might differ from the fans, so for there to be such a huge misunderstanding, for those who cherish Crayon Pop and fans who protect us, I wanted to inform you of my intentions first. This intention of mine was misunderstood, so I was quite hurt. A comeback after 1 year and 6 months, I should have shown my healthy and energetic side to meet everyone, but over the past few years, my body and mind must have had suffered from fatigue..
I have been receiving proper treatment, and while resting, I have been reading the supportive messages posted on the fancafe. It is thanks to these messages that I’m doing better. Thank you to all of you.
For the sudden news, I think I gave everyone too much of a shock..
My heart is heavy and I keep thinking over and over again about how this has upset all of you.
To the fans who always encourage me, paying attention and loving me unconditionally, I’m very thankful of it.
To repay the unchanging love for me, to be able to stand before you as Soyul, Crayon Pop’s maknae, I’ll work hard.
I love you. Thank you

The reason people think they lied is basically because of Chrome Entertainment‘s statement.

Since the news is very sudden, many people believed that it is a shotgun wedding, that Soyul is currently pregnant that is why the two opted to get married. However, Soyul’s label, Chrome Entertainment, denied everything. According to Chrome Entertainment it is not what people think. “It’s not pregnancy before marriage.” Though, Moon Hee Jun’s label’s was very unconvincing. Koen Stars, stated, “We do not know because it’s their personal matters.”

Koen Stars, as you can see, was much more adept at dodging the issue entirely.

So Moon Hee Jun was technically correct, and thus it makes me confused as to why netizens think they personally denied it strongly when that wasn’t the case. Her agency did, but his agency clearly dodged the issue, which is what netizens noticed even at the time. Given that they have no responsibility to the public to inform them that their marriage is a shotgun one, I’m not understanding the backlash.


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