AOA’s Choa reportedly dating Najin Industry CEO Lee Seok Jin, denied by FNCE

AOA‘s Choa, who earlier today posted an explanation about her absence from AOA activities, was reported to be in a relationship with Najin Industry CEO Lee Seok Jin.

News reports first broke the news on May 17, with several claiming that the two met after Super Junior’s Kim Heechul introduced them. Reports also state that the couple have been dating since last year, although without confirmation yet.

Lee Suk Jin is in his early 30s, and inherited the CEO position of Najin Industry back in April 2011. Najin Industry is an electronics distributor that is known for its distribution complexes in Yongsan Electronics Market, a center of the electronics industry in Korea. It also is an eWorld management company, with Lee Suk Jin known to be an avid fan of eSports.

Fucking Heechul, man.

FNC Entertainment, however, has denied they are dating, saying that he’s just an acquaintance.

Sure, sure.

Get that CEO diq, IMO.


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