‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 2: Eunji & Park Jiyoon partnership promising, I Jang Jin’d myself

Crime Scene 3‘ is back with the second episode, and I’m catching up quicker than intended. This case will be about the murder of a star chef, which is totally unrelated to the recent trend of celebrity chefs on variety shows.

Just like last time, there are a variety of places to watch the episode with English subtitles, so go there (1/2/3).


Okay, I’m getting a clearer picture of what you guys were whining about, because at the start of this episode with Yang Se Hyung as detective, he said it studied in France and then couldn’t ad-lib for shit after he got called on it by Park Jiyoon and Kim Ji Hoon. Also, I’m not quite sure if he understands how percentages work.

I did think they got into their characters better in this episode, like with Song Jae Rim delivering shit like this.

Eunji and Park Jiyoon fighting with each other for dominance is getting better and better.

I mean, what could go wrong by making Eunji an escort that works for Park Jiyoon and was also fucking her mans on the side?

Also, the producers teed this one up for Eunji.

As far as the case goes, I fucked this one up bad. Song Jae Rim was the obvious choice right off the bat with the evidence and motives piling up. The victim paid him only 1,600 a month, stole his recipe, burned his hand to end his career, and knocked up his girl, but that just convinced me of his innocent because it was so obvious.

I figured Jang Jin did it, as the motive was his hospitalized kid and the $200,000 the victim stole back after paying him off. What convinced me was that Jang Jin conveniently had a receipt from a gas station for an alibi with $5 of gas. I figured getting that small amount of gas at fucking 3:15 was just done to develop his alibi (who puts $5 of gas? maybe I’m just spoiled), and he still had time to off the dude.

Unfortunately for me, it was Kim Ji Hoon and everybody got it right except for Yang Se Hyung (lol), along with most of the audience.

Can’t believe I Jang Jin’d myself with the overthinking while suspecting him. FML.


Next week, as mentioned before, has guests Hani and NS Yoon G. That should be great, as should the ‘Signal‘ type of plot to it.


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