‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 3: Hani guesting & Yang Se Hyung getting it creates gold

The third episode of ‘Crime Scene 3‘ was easily the best yet, and it’s probably not a coincidence that EXID‘s Hani and NS Yoon G showed up as guests.

You can watch the episode with subtitles at a variety of sites, as usual (1/2/3).


This episode was about police academy murder but was also connected to another murder from years previous. This was written particularly well, having a lot of twists and turns with many viable suspects with motive and means … unless they all did their jobs.

Aside from that, the episode was just entertaining, partially because of clever callbacks to previous seasons…

…that scared the cast at least three times during the episode…

…and partially because Yang Se Hyung woke the fuck up and something clicked.

I can’t believe you’ve done this.

No coincidence that his comfort level and entertainment value increased as he was paired with Park Jiyoon in a love line. It allowed her to take the lead with the acting and jokes, which he started to riff off well in this episode and ever took initiative himself, as you can see in the clip.

Of course, of course, there was Hani, who almost immediately got things back to normal.

Hani had dudes fighting over her…

…and tried to use her aegyo.

But most importantly she was an emotional mess, which frequently plays well on variety.

Jang Jin knows the deal.

Another important factor is that they felt comfortable enough to rip her to shreds.

There’s an easy comfort level that makes it easier for the show, I think. Hope her and Eunji get the chance to pair up on a future episode.


Back to the case, the cast didn’t do all their jobs in terms of detective work this episode, as they missed or overlooked key evidence. And in a way, sometimes I actually prefer it, because it truly becomes a mystery and the end becomes creepy as hell.

Like did anybody suspect NS Yoon G at the end? I didn’t and the audience sure as fuck didn’t.

There was too much evidence against Kim Ji Hoon for it to be him, I figured. Hani had the alibi of ironically doing all the shit that lead to the murder but needing him alive. Somehow this makes sense in the world of the show, so I ruled her out as well. Logically, it seemed like the choices were either Park Jiyoon, who was at the murder scene from 2002 and maybe tried to cover it up, or Yang Se Hyung potentially turning out to be a double murderer to cover up for his 2002 murder.

At no point did NS Yoon G really cross my mind. She played it creepily low-key, answering questions calmly, redirecting suspicion without being a mess about it, and generally staying out of the way. That seemed to cause the rest of the cast to focus on the people they presumed were guilty rather than the evidence itself, and it resulted in only two votes of the seven going to NS Yoon G, while four cast members had votes against them and Kim Ji Hoon was jailed.

Well done. Easily the best episode of the season so far.


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