Rappers achieve new level of hip-hop lameness, shill for Chinese gov regarding THAAD

A group of Chinese rappers have released a song sanctioned by the Chinese government that’s like a diss track to South Korea over their deployment of THAAD.

Honestly one of the lamest hip-hop related things I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying A LOT, especially out of the Asian side of things. But seriously, rapping for the government power structure with them helping you shill for them over a political conflict? Getting paid off by your government to promote their propaganda? Seriously, guys? Christ.

The beat isn’t even hard, it’s just some soft bullshit, which is appropriate for them all things considered.

Then again, I remember those hip-hop classics, like NWA‘s “Respect All Police & Always Listen To Authority Figures” and Public Enemy‘s “Respect The Power & Just Do What They Tell You“. Also can’t wait for Kendrick Lamar‘s “Actually Racism Is Good So Just Stop Complaining Already” to drop next week. So on second thought, I guess this makes sense, really.


Thot Leaderâ„¢