STELLAR to add new member Soyoung for June comeback, pic of her supposedly found

STELLAR are coming back around June, and they’re bringing a surprise with them in the form of a new member.

On May 17, a representative of Stellar told news outlet Star News, “Stellar is currently preparing with the goal of releasing a new mini album in late June.” This will be their first comeback in about a year since they promoted their track “Crying” last summer.

News outlet OSEN is reporting that the group’s latest addition is a new member named Soyoung, who was born in 1993 and has been a trainee for two years, although this report has yet to be confirmed.

While this is unconfirmed, this is supposedly her in the picture.

It’s interesting, because shaking things up as STELLAR is rolling along (at least internationally) seems like an odd decision for a group that’s had the same lineup for basically their entire lifespan since 2012. But what I’m guessing they’re making an attempt to appeal to the Korean audience again, and there’s likely limited downside to it since I don’t think most STELLAR fans are going to stop following them over the addition of a member as long as the rest stay.

The main worry for fans would probably be that she’s being added as insurance of sorts in case a member leaves in the future as their contracts expire. Hopefully that’s not the case, but the timing makes one think about motivations for the move.

We’ll see, but unlike adding/subtracting from an already popular group with rabid idol stans, this seems like a smartly calculated risk more than anything.


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