DEAN and Syd both excel on groovy and seductive “Love” collab

DEAN recently dropped “Love“, his collab with Syd from The Internet, and while this garnered a lot less hype than other collabs or crossover type of ventures, it certainly ranks among the best.

“Love” isn’t loud or bombastic but it’s a jam nevertheless. Eschewing the temptations of an instrumental without any pace to get all emotional over, the softer tone of the track is misleading over a rather rapid underlying beat. The soulful sound still left a bit work to do from the artists themselves to form a complete atmosphere and rhythm, and thankfully they had two quality vocals in DEAN and Syd to pull that off. Syd in particular stood out for her gentle but impactful performance on the track, and DEAN’s section where he repeats “I know” stood out as an injection of energy that justified the beat but didn’t go too overboard.

“I need your blessing, baby. I fuck you if you let me, baby.” – DEAN, 2017

Usually these types of tracks are not my cup of tea, but the combination of the rather strong beat and the vocal performances were impossible to ignore. The seductive tone was definitely achieved, and it gave the song an alluring feel to it that makes it easy to listen to whenever.


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