‘Show Me The Money 6’ has their producer teams do a cypher, which was pretty great

Show Me The Money 6‘ is coming soon, and to hype people up Mnet had the producer teams do a cypher. And while at times it was odd, especially since there were non-rappers in the group, it was still better than most Korean hip-hop put out there.

So yeah, Zico, DEAN, Choiza, Gaeko, Jay Park, Dok2, Bizzy, and Tiger JK are the producers this season.

Zico showed off the diversity of the modern game in his time and Gaeko was as quality as expected in more conventional way, the contrast being of particular interest to me. Dok2 … as much as it pains me to admit it — especially as he trolls me with whatever he did to his hair — actually showed well. The last team to go is the most interesting to me with Bizzy and Tiger JK, the latter’s off-beat style still resonating and the distinctive delivery being as memorable as ever.

Overall, I enjoyed the cypher despite some odd sections, though unfortunately it’s not like they’ll be the ones performing for most of the show, so this is more like fanservice than anything else.


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