Yezi delivers with skill and sex appeal on the aggressive “Anck Su Namum”

Expectations for Yezi‘s comeback were high around these parts, partially based on her previous work and partially based on the strength of the teasers. And as always when that’s the case, there’s a certain level of concern about whether the end product will deliver. Well, thankfully Yezi alleviated most my worries with her “Anck Su Namum” comeback.

“Anck Su Namum” provided instant appeal through the instrumental, which was built on the back of a heavy bassline and Middle Eastern influences. It’s difficult to not find yourself engaged throughout the track with its excellent default state and the constant twists and turns it takes. And while those variations as the song progressed were interesting at times, I do wish it stuck with the main sound more often than it did, as it was definitely engaging enough to not get tiresome without needing to constantly switch it up.

The switching did end up as my main complaint with “Anck Su Namum”, because any time it switches up to something not Yezi-driven, it generally gets worse. The structure makes sense with the dance breaks since she needs to breathe and all (I guess), but musically the contrast in quality between those chanting sections and whenever Yezi is in control is so stark. And Yezi is definitely in control throughout, answering questions about being able to vary flow with aplomb. She does so with rapid-fire raps and easing off the throttle a bit for a more controlled delivery for effect, even litearlly referring to it lyrically with lines like “delivery so good, you can understand whether I rap fast or slow”. Most importantly, whatever she’s doing, there’s always a bite and sass to it that’s necessary for a bold track like this, and it’s her rapping that makes it successful in the end.

The music video ends up making it clear the the title is a ‘The Mummy‘ reference, and it’s handled surprisingly cool for the most part.

It works best as an audio/visual experience because of the concept, choreo, and the visuals at play all working together.

After mainstream female rapper after mainstream female rapper settled into the safety of quasi-rap/quasi-R&B mediocrity, Yezi thankfully went in the opposite direction with “Anck Su Namum”, going louder and harder than ever before. It was a breath of fresh air on the scene just to see that, and that the song and music video delivered on the promise of the teasers made the end result all that much better.


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