Crayon Pop set to continue as 4-member group (sorta), but without Soyul

In a rather shocking move, Crayon Pop have opted to continue on as a group, at least technically, with Soyul unsurprisingly withdrawing after her marriage to Moon Hee Jun and recently giving birth.

Group Crayon Pop has decided against disbandment. Activities will continue. However, member Soyul has withdrawn from the group. Because of this, the Crayon Pop members and the company have had long discussions. After much deliberation, the group decided to continue due to the attachment the members have towards Crayon Pop. Internationally, Crayon Pop are still receiving love calls. Members are scheduled to perform overseas during the summer. Of course, the members will be in different capacities as compared to their previous contracts. The members will pursue acting activities such as dramas, musicals, play, etc. under different management companies. The original 5-membered Crayon Pop is now 4 members. Last year, because of panic disorder, Soyul halted group activities. Soyul, in Nov. 2016, announced marriage to HOT’s Moon Heejun, because of pregnancy. They got married in February and Soyul gave birth earlier this month. Soyul has stopped entertainment activities due to her marriage, pregnancy, and panic disorder.

Even after all the criticism, they’re still talking about Soyul’s panic disorder, so maybe everybody’s cynicism about that (me included) was unwarranted after all.

While it doesn’t quite feel like Crayon Pop without Soyul, and the wording makes it sound like they’re still effectively going to do their own thing for the most part, at least it’s legitimate hope. Gotta say though, in a way this sounds like the we’re-not-disbanding-but-we-are-disbanded-in-reality announcement just worded in a more friendly way.


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