Ga-In clarifies hospitalization, goes off on netz, questions having to hide OB/GYN visits

Ga-In was hospitalized about a week ago and wasn’t able to complete her schedules, but the reason was (understandably) kept private and it was Mystic Entertainment that announced it. Because netizens are netizens, however, people went nuts with speculation from relationship issues to pregnancy to suicide attempts.

Well apparently Ga-In had enough of that shit and she recently took to Instagram in a flurry of posts to clarify what’s been going on herself, responding to netizen comments directly at times. She even teased the event herself, saying, “Look forward to two hours later.

Ga-In soon posted up a screenshot of netizens discussing her hospitalization, with one person saying, “For real people, why are you this way? If she says she’s sick, just take it as it is. Please don’t start talking about marriage & pregnancy, it’s like you’re a mental patient.

However, the replies go a different direction, saying, “I’m not saying it’s Ga-In, but the celebrity world is so filthy there’s stories about how women secretly get pregnant and have the kid then come right back to the spotlight like nothing ever happened” and “If they secretly get pregnant and have a kid that’s a good thing, what’s wrong with that? Your private life is your own, yet celebrities have to publicize everything and when they do go public people write mean comments about how they don’t care.

In reply to that exchange, Ga-In posted an image of a medical diagnosis that says she has pneumonia, saying, “Hey children, your unnie has pneumonia. Relax and go to bed.

Ga-In then posts, “I won’t sue. I’m tired.

After a post basically rehashing the same thing with netizens speculating over her hospitalization, people moved on to doubting the explanation Ga-In gave on Instagram. In response, she posted an expanded version of the diagnosis, which also included panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and insomnia.

After a post saying that she was just discharged, Ga-In posted an image of a netizen reaching for the stars, “The pneumonia photo is obviously a photoshop … I’m sure there was a hidden reason … like abortion (TN: ‘abortion’ written in English).” The reply to that netizen being, “Pathetic. Lololol. Now that there’s talk of reporting, do you think something will change if you use English?

In the caption, Ga-In says that if they doubt her they should go check, “Go to [Name Of Hospital] and check it yourself, lol.

After dismissing a netizen now questioning why she’s making news about pneumonia, Ga-In then arrives to her final point, “And another thing, why do all female celebrities have to hide when they go to the OB/GYN? We go to other hospitals without hiding. And having a baby is something to congratulate. I’m not pregnant, but I wish all female celebrities can go to the hospital with their heads held high.


Primarily the reaction is just shocking from netizens because a celebrity with a busy work schedule having to be hospitalized due to sickness is not even that odd (especially in Korea) to the point where people would be justified to start speculating.

Welp, either way, there are your receipts.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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