‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 5: Literally ‘Roh Meo’, Park Jiyoon sings A Pink, necrophilia

The fifth episode of ‘Crime Scene 3‘ is the murder of a musical actor and it involves singing (oh hell yes), ‘Romeo And Juliet‘, and a hell of a love triangle.

As usual, you can watch the show with English subs on a variety of sites (1/2/3).


Yes folks, they named the victim fucking Roh Meo.

Kim Jihoon really wanted to fuck the corpse (and himself)…

…and used his character to get up close and personal with Eunji.

Don’t blame you, my man.

Most importantly though, was Park Jiyoon took to singing again, which was flawless as usual.

She even featured guest appearances from Eunji and guest Jinyoung of B1A4.

Singing legend.

The interactions really improved in this episode, leading to a bunch of quality exchanges.

Yang Se Hyung has come a long way, and it shows in his second stint as a detective. Stuff like his Sherlock Holmes ad-lib stood out, but still, Jang Jin‘s drunk character generally stole the show throughout in little ways that he played it up.

Also, because we needed a quality twist love triangle this season, this was it.

Dude was with Park Jiyoon, Jinyoung, and another dude, actually, so maybe it was more like a love rhombus.


In terms of the crime itself, it struck a nice balance. It wasn’t overly complicated this time around, and there were a bunch of misleading information but there was one clear-cut solution for the killer available.

So they got Eunji right, but honestly, it did kinda bother me how again they missed the key evidence. Like me, they got it mainly based on motive due to it not being her real son and the inheritance. Unlike the other cases, this one wasn’t even that disguised and they actually found both the razor and the pills but couldn’t quite put it all together. The obsession with him drinking poison was understandable, but as soon as it was apparent he ate like 5000 energy bars and that the cause of death was heart attack, it seems like it would be obvious to look elsewhere.

Still probably the second-best episode of the season, and one that primarily was due to the main cast.

Anyway, one of the things I always find amusing about these plots is that even if they find the murderer, like half the people involved in this shit would get indicted on felonies themselves.


Next episode is retro and features the return of Jang Dong Min, who will be detective, and has Girl’s Day‘s Sojin, so it should be pretty great.


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