Ga-In confesses that boyfriend’s friend offered her weed … probably not the best idea

Ga-In recently took to Instagram to basically snitch on Joo Ji Hoon‘s friend Park Jung Wook trying to offer her weed. This appears related to her recent hospitalization, as she lead things off by referring to that.

“Yes, I’m a mental patient undergoing treatment, and I’m not ashamed of that. I’m going to be cured. I will tell you one by one why I’ve gone crazy, even if it gets me in jail and even if it gets me killed.”

No shame in getting treatment, but trying to explain the shit on social media in this manner is probably not what your therapist recommended. And posting that you got offered weed and stuff like that is probably not the wisest choice either.

“Park Jung Wook (henceforth ‘P’): What did I do to make you do this to me? Let’s talk.
Gain (henceforth ‘G’): Weed
P: I said I didn’t.
G: You offered it to me.
P: I told you I was only trying to find a way to make you feel better.
G: You’re backing out.
P: I’m not backing out. It’s the truth.
G: You wanted to make me feel better so you offered me weed? And that’s all a joke?
P: I was trying any sort of method to make you feel better.”

Ga-In captioned it by explaining that she was mad somebody tried to offer her something illegal, basically.

“As you all may know, I’m the girlfriend of a previous drug addict (Of course, as far as I know, he has received all appropriate punishment and now lives diligently). But even if I’m Joo Ji Hoon’s girlfriend, [Park Jung Wook shouldn’t have done this]. His friend Park Jung Wook offered me marijuana. Yes, I almost gave in, since I wasn’t in the right mental state. But I’ve been clean all my life, and I won’t do marijuana until it becomes legal. [I don’t need marijuana], I’m already injecting legal morphine. If you’re butthurt, smoke [marijuana] and go to jail, or be be lethally ill and take morphine. You’re a dead man if you recommend me to do marijuana.”

Ga-In then concluded by saying that she doesn’t care about her future or something.

“I don’t need to shoot ads. I don’t care about my image. I have enough money for me to use and eat until I die. I’m going to voluntarily take a drug test every three months.”

Uh, so yeah, this wasn’t the best idea.

Korea views marijuana differently, as we’ve seen with TOP‘s scandal, so I understand that she might’ve been pissed somebody was putting her in that situation and maybe saw it as trying to take advantage somehow. However, it seems likely to me that the dude really was just trying to help given her symptoms, and I’m not sure it was all that necessary to out him in this manner. Hell, even if you give her the benefit of the doubt and figure that he did something else to deserve this, it’s still not the smartest method of dealing with it.

Then again, when you’re going through shit, you don’t make the most rational choices, I suppose. And posting through it on social media is generally not the best of ideas for a public figure.


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