TOP’s doctors say situation is serious & he’s not fully conscious, needs recovery time

TOP is currently hospitalized in the ICU after having overdosed on medication, and after having to deal with the saga of confusing and/or contradictory information about his status coming out from media, police, friends, family, and company, TOP’s doctors held a briefing in order to get accurate information out to the public.

The doctors said that TOP arrived at the hospital with three people carrying him in, and that when they tried to wake him normally, he was unresponsive. TOP’s pupils also did not respond normally, and he only eventually responded when subjected to forceful stimulation.

Tests on TOP’s vitals showed high blood pressure and high heart rate, along with unstable breathing. High carbon dioxide levels and low oxygen levels were indicators of respiratory failure, at which point he was determined to be in critical condition. Due to the risk of his breathing stopping, he was moved to the intensive care unit as a precaution.

TOP is currently in a state of near unconsciousness, which is why he’s still in the ICU. TOP can open his eyes briefly at the moment, but he cannot maintain a conscious state. While his carbon dioxide levels have stabilized, his breathing is still not at normal levels, and he still needs the assistance of an oxygen mask.

Doctors estimate that he’ll take at least one week for TOP to recover from this and they thankfully do not believe he will suffer brain damage. When his condition improves, the doctors will discuss his situation with mental health specialists.

Urine tests determined the cause of TOP’s hospitalization was an overdose of sleeping pills, as he tested positive for benzodiazepine (drug found in sleeping pills and anti-anxiety meds), and that while they don’t know how many pills TOP took, they believe it was a significant amount. TOP was given 11 different drug tests, and they all came back negative except for the aforementioned benzodiazepine.


So the situation with TOP definitely was serious and still is serious.

As such, this is not exactly the best of updates, but the upside is that the doctors are talking about TOP like they expect him to eventually make a recovery physically. Though the part about him needing mental help is what’s going to be the long road ahead.


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