[Update 6] TOP in ICU after overdose, hospital rep says not critical & now conscious

TOP, currently embroiled in a marijuana scandal for which he must re-enlist, has now been rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious. TOP is currently still unconscious and has been moved to the intensive care unit.

YG Entertainment has confirmed that the reason for the hospitalization is a drug (medicine) overdose and that his mother is by his side.

Absolutely terrible news and I hope he comes out of it alright.


Update 1

Police say that it was muscle relaxants and that they believe it’s not a serious situation.

Meanwhile, news is reporting that although he’s in the ICU, his life is not in danger.

Really hope the media got this accurate. Seriously. Just one time get it right, my god.

Update 2

TOP reportedly has now regained consciousness and is in stable condition. He is still receiving medical treatment, but appears to be out of any danger.

Update 3

A source close to TOP (not YGE) has disputed the media report saying that he is conscious, saying that certain parts of body are responding, but he is not awake.

The Korean media is not covering themselves in glory in reporting on this, as multiple outlets were seemingly horribly incorrect.

Update 4

Police have now stated that TOP is not in danger, and that rather than unconscious he’s sleeping and will need a day or two of recovery.

The police emphasized that he overdosed on drugs/medicine prescribed to him.

“According to the physician’s diagnosis, it seems that T.O.P overdosed his usual medication. We cannot know based on the examination results how much he took.” The police force representative again emphasized to the media that T.O.P did not seek out the medication randomly, but that it is normally prescribed to him.

YGE have followed that up by saying that he’s still in the ICU and they’re still waiting.

YG Entertainment made the following brief statement: “T.O.P is still in the ICU. We are currently waiting for the test results and the doctor’s opinion from the hospital.”

Well, definitely sounds promising at least.

Update 5

TOP’s mother made a statement to the media disputing the police account, saying that he definitely came into the hospital unconscious and is still unconscious.

T.O.P’s mother has just made a brief statement to the reporters gathered at the hospital, where T.O.P is still currently being held in the ICU. At about 9:35am KST this morning, T.O.P’s mother was visibly shaken and distressed when she emerged from T.O.P’s room for a moment with his manager, and told the reporters who flocked to her, “When T.O.P came to the hospital he was definitely unconscious. He still has not regained consciousness, it seems like those reports [saying otherwise] are misrepresentative.”

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what to think about all this. I want to believe the police simply because it’s the most optimistic for TOP’s health, but his mom is in there with him and would likely know better, so … that’s not great.

Oh yeah, the police are now backing off their claims that he is totally fine.

Would be disgustingly irresponsible on their part if they came out with that “TOP’s totally fine” claim to the media while they didn’t know anything, which seems to be the case.

Update 6

A representative for the hospital is saying that TOP is no longer in critical condition and that he is conscious.

As you can see by the mess in the previous updates, I would advise that you take this update with a grain of salt.


I’m going to move further updates to a new post now, so check the TOP tag for further information.


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