[Update] TOP is out of the ICU, moves hospitals to continue treatment, netz still idiots

TOP was recovering well last time there was news on his status, with him being declared conscious and stable by a hospital official. Thankfully, the good news continues recently, as TOP is out of the ICU and is well enough to move hospitals for continued treatment.

As he was being transported to the new hospital, he only apologized.

Hopefully the recovery continues to go well and that people stop being dipshits, but I doubt it.



Nope, they are still being dipshits, complaining that he’s coming out of the ICU in a wheelchair. I get the whole sick CEO cosplay stuff, but after the police backed down and the briefing by the doctors, this is just being a willful moron.

Seriously, why would the hospital let a patient who has been unconscious for two days walk out? Dude is not even being discharged for home, he’s being transferred to a different hospital. If they don’t put him in a wheelchair for his sake, then they’ll do it just for their own liability if nothing else.

I’m glad for some of these Korean and international netizens, though. Clearly they’ve never had a loved one admitted to the hospital for major surgery or a serious condition.


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