TOP is conscious & stable, says hospital official, could be discharged from ICU tomorrow

Yesterday when the doctors from the hospital TOP is at updated the public, he was still basically unconscious and in the ICU with breathing difficulties after his overdose.

Well, there were positive developments today as an official from the hospital stated that TOP had regained consciousness and his vitals are stable, which gives him the potential to leave the ICU as soon as tomorrow. When TOP’s mother visited he was able to make eye contact with her and recognize her, and all of this is recent development as earlier today a doctor from the hospital had said TOP had still not woken up.

After he leaves the ICU, TOP needs to be interviewed by a psychiatrist and then it’ll be determined whether he’ll change hospitals or not to continue treatment.


TOP exiting the ICU is a relief for me personally, as now I can stop reliving the nightmare of covering the Ladies’ Code accident hour-by-hour.

Of course it wasn’t quite the same, because while stressing the severity of the situation, the doctors did seem to be saying that he would eventually recover. Fortunately, they appear to be right as this is great news and I’m glad to hear he seems to be on the road to recovery.


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