Jackson rocks dreads for Pepsi ad, but it was his defensiveness that made himself a mess

My son Jackson is currently in a bit of hot water with the international K-pop fandom, partially because he rocked dreads in a Pepsi ad, but mainly because of his stupid replies to people having a problem with that.

Not a huge deal in itself, IMO.

Honestly, I always cringe when Asians rock dreads just because it looks ridiculous to me. From Bobby to Mino to Skull to G2 to Truedy or whoever, I just think it looks lame and tryhard, so the same applies to Jackson as well. I’ve never found it to be racist (I’m #Problematic, I guess), however — though I understand why others would think this is a bigger deal — so I wasn’t going to cover it with just that.

Later, I found out it blew up further, mostly due to Jackson shooting himself in the foot when some stated their displeasure with the ad.

This is stupid even just from a public relations perspective, if nothing else. You know people are mad and that you don’t really have a rational reply to it, so you go ahead and address it by dismissing it as a joke and then going the “haters gonna hate” route.


But honestly, this is what made me cringe.

Oh god, why?



Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I get what he’s trying to say about him not meaning it in an offensive way, so I’m not going to ridiculously overstate the situation like some other sites. That said, this was clearly a stupid string of decisions on his part and was primarily a self-inflicted situation. All he had to do was … I mean, basically not say shit.

Comments gonna be a mess. Away we go.


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