Yesung reposts old vid of him doing blackface, Henry compares it to wearing a wig

Everybody had basically put Yesung of Super Junior doing blackface Nick Fury in the past, but because he’s a genius, Yesung recently decided to repost it on his Instagram.

A lot of people were understandably not all that pleased with this turn of events.

Luckily for Yesung then, Henry (the ‘Roommate‘ panty sniffer) had a take on the complaints, comparing blackface to wearing a wig.

Wearing slanted eyes glasses to play Bruce Lee would definitely be the same as wearing a bowl-cut wig. Thank you, Henry.

Not to worry though, I’m sure somebody will post up intellectually dishonest apologia for racist dipshits to jack-off to and compare skin color or other physical features to wearing an item of clothing or some shit.

Can’t wait for the comments.


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