Jang Moonbok posts compilation vid & handwritten letter after ‘Produce 101’ elimination

Jang Moonbok was recently eliminated from ‘Produce 101, but of course he took it in stride because that’s what JMB does.

JMB posted a compilation video, saying, “I will become the kind of person who can repay all the love you have given me through ‘Produce 101 Season 2’. Thank you so much! Let’s stay in touch~ The full version of the video is on my Facebook.


He followed that by posting up a handwritten letter…


…one that was for his fans.

Hello, national producers!

I am ONO Entertainment trainee Jang Moonbok!

I was really surprised by the overwhelming love and interest given to me even before the broadcast began, and I am only now able to thank you properly. It is belated, but thank you from the bottom of my heart, once again!

Through the program ‘Produce 101’ I was able to feel and learn so many things. I was able to appear before many people again, I became friends with other trainees, and most importantly I was able to learn what it’s like to share a stage with others. It might have been too short or too long, but I was always happy.

The first, second, and third stage performances were very precious and meaningful experiences. It was a great source of strength to have so much interest and well wishes for each performance.

Although today’s episode of ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ is Jang Moonbok’s last, I will consider this to be another beginning as I always have before!

I will appear before you even more improved in the near future so please don’t forget me, Jang Moonbok, and wait for me a little while!

To the national producers who cheered me on, I have been so grateful and thankful!

Check’s Choco*, I love you so so much. <3

*Translator’s Note: Jang Moonbok’s fandom name.

Honestly, despite the disappointment, I thought his fandom did well and grew significantly over the course of the show. Fact is, his chances waned as the popularity of the show grew, and when top contestants started getting huge amounts of votes, his support couldn’t compete.

Still, they managed to complete legit projects like the banners and what not.



And they managed to get JMB’s attention.

Overall, still happy for the dude and hope he gets gigs soon.

Lee Sang Min, do it.


Thanks to CaratClara for translation help.


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