Super Junior fans want Sungmin booted from group, basically cause he’s married

Super Junior is coming back soon, and they’re mad as fuck that member Sungmin is going to be a part of it, going as far as demanding he be booted from the group.

In a statement they gave their reasons, which totally has nothing to do with the fact that he got married or anything, you guys.

On June 10, DC Super Junior gallery uploaded a public statement demanding that Sungmin halt his activities as part of Super Junior. They wrote, “DC Super Junior gallery will not tolerate Sungmin’s disrespectful attitude toward fans and independent behavior that does not consider the group as a whole. We demand that Sungmin be expelled from the group.” What they deemed most problematic was Sungmin’s way of announcing his marriage and his lack of communication with fans after being discharged from the army. Part of the statement reads, “When there were reports about his dating, most fans congratulated him. But when fans asked for feedback about marriage rumors, he ignored those requests. It was when fans found out about his marriage through the press that they decided to turn their backs on him.” Another reasoning was that Super Junior’s fans had given Sungmin the nickname “Mimi” since his debut, and they were angered when he began to call his girlfriend by that same nickname fans had given him. DC Super Junior gallery concluded, “We no longer support Sungmin, who has shown disrespectful attitudes and behaviors toward fans, and we will boycott all of his activities as a celebrity. We believe that Sungmin being part of Super Junior will affect their activities in the future and request that he halt his activities as a member of Super Junior.”

Yeah, their anger at him and Kim Sa Eun was stupid at the time and still is, and it boils down to being mad that the dude is married.

Just this year, Eric of Shinhwa had to apologize when he announced his marriage to Na Hye Mi, and of course fans of HOT‘s Moon Hee Jun are still pissed at him after he got married to Crayon Pop‘s Soyul.

This fandom nonsense happens basically every time an idol gets married or gets engaged or is in a relationship with anybody the fans don’t 100% approve of. But sure, keep believing there are lots of super important REASONS fans are now mad (even though they weren’t an issue before), because it’s totally not just because their fave is confirmed to be off the market.


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