TWICE’s Mina gets death threats from Ilbe user, JYPE to take action

JYP Entertainment will take legal action after a user of Ilbe issued a death threat TWICE‘s Mina, basically because she may or may not be dating.

The post included a photo of the user’s hand and a large kitchen knife positioned near the wrist. The user wrote, “If you don’t slap your boyfriend and rip apart his mouth I am going to come kill you.”

In a statement, JYPE said they will be filing civil and criminal lawsuits.

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. After discussing with our legal team the post made on May 13 by an Ilbe user which contained a death threat against TWICE’s Mina, we relay that we will be filing civil and criminal suits. There will be no leniency. Also, we will be taking a strong stance against similar incidents in the future with the help of all aspects of legal action possible.”

Dude is probably a TWICE stan, and it makes me wonder about those handshake events.


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