A Pink’s death threat dude says he was mad at them for going on fake dates

The guy who issued the death threat to A Pink gave an exclusive interview to OSEN about his motivations, and it turns out he was a stan of the group … literally. Basically he explained that he was mad at A Pink for going on fake blind dates for a reality show, and he said it in a way that makes it seem like he still thinks it made sense.

On June 15, he contacted media agency OSEN saying that he called because the reported details are not true. He said, “It is not true that I threatened to kill them because Apink’s agency sued me for malicious comments. I called just twice. I also never disturbed the company’s work.” The man claimed that his reason for the threat was because of the broadcast of Apink on blind dates with male actor trainees on a reality program. He explained, “As a fan of Apink for six years, I spent a lot of time and money on Apink. To see Apink on blind dates with not even actors, but actor trainees, I felt betrayed. I called their agency to complain, but they gave a vague answer saying they didn’t know, which made me angry. So I called the police with the death threat.” He ended by stating, “As of now, I don’t plan to turn myself in,” and emphasized, “I never thought of actually harming Apink.”

This has to be a new achievement of some sort in fan entitlement. Like not even them actually dating, but them fake dating people he deemed below their status for a reality show. That made him mad enough that he called the police to issue the threat, knowing they’ll have to respond, thus scaring the group as his revenge of sorts.



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