Han Seo Hee (TOP weed case) sentenced to 4Y probation (3Y jail for violation) & fined

Han Seo Hee, the woman who ratted out TOP in his marijuana case (but also hilariously trolled fangirls), has been sentenced to a four-year suspended sentence (with three years in jail should she violate probation), 120 hours of medical treatment, and a fine of about $850.

The judge for the case stated that Han has previously been known to police in regards to purchasing and drinking alcohols, smoking as a minor and even after this has purchased marijuana. The judge continues even after her initial reflection for her crimes committed as a first time offender, he took into consideration her motives as well as age before declaring her sentencing. Prosecutors have indicted Han for allegedly smoking marijuana 4 times between October 9th to 4th at T.O.P’s home in Yongsan. Han’s participation in this scandal was found after the investigation of drug dealer, where her activities of smoking marijuana with T.O.P was noticed. The main difference between Han and T.O.P’s cases is that Han had purchased the marijuana.

So TOP is likely to get a lighter sentence than this due to using marijuana less times, his age, and for not purchasing the drugs, but who knows what exactly that’ll be.

Regardless, it’s still weird to me that just because of K-pop fandom or whatever, people are cheerleading others potentially going to prison for years for using/buying weed.


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