Joo Hak Nyeon’s agency tells netz to stop harassing his mom & trolling his deceased dad

Ever since Jang Moonbok seemed like he was going to get eliminated by the ‘Produce 101‘ fans with no taste, I hadn’t been paying too much attention, so I had apparently missed this burgeoning hatred for contestant Joo Hak Nyeon. For whatever reason, this has culminated in Cre.ker Entertainment having to beg netizens to stop giving him shit over his deceased father and to stop sexually harassing his mother.

The fuck?

On June 14, the agency released an official statement, saying, “First of all, we want to thank all the fans who have been giving our trainee Joo Hak Nyeon so much love. We’re writing today to let you know about the tears and pain that he has recently been going through. Our hearts are heavy that Joo Hak Nyeon has to recall his painful memories [of his late father] once more. It was briefly mentioned on broadcast that Joo Hak Nyeon’s father suddenly passed away last year. He had to go through this tragedy when he was only 18 years old. Even though he was going through a very difficult time, he tried his best to be a bright and hard-working trainee. However, there have been many malicious comments these days defaming and even sexually harassing Joo Hak Nyeon’s mother, who is currently managing a farm by herself in the countryside. We earnestly ask you all to stop hurting a young boy who has lost a family member. Please stop with the sexual and insulting comments towards Joo Hak Nyeon’s mother. If we see any more malicious comments following this announcement, we will no longer stay silent. If the hateful comments don’t stop, we will be taking strong legal action. Once again, thank you to those who have been supporting Joo Hak Nyeon. We ask that you continue giving him lots of support as he works towards his dreams.”

“This will be the new low for fandom/netizen coverage on this site. It has to be.”

*A Week Later*

“Okay, surely this has to be the lowest it can go.”

It’s amazing.


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