Nine Muses return as a quartet on dark, driving, and modern “Remember”

Nine Muses are now a quartet for their “Remember” comeback, but surprisingly the music still hasn’t taken a turn for the worse as they continue to release underappreciated quality.

“Remember” is a slow burn to start with a potential acoustic mess there for a while, but even with that the understated sensual and dark synthpop workings were quality. The fact that like a dozen members have left the group is starting to be felt, though those remaining do their best to convey the emotionally raw tones necessary.

That tone reflected the music video which was visually arresting but also rather sinister in nature, likely having something to do with a stalker of sorts.

The payoff had to be interesting, so thankfully the uptick in tempo with the EDM underpinning ended up starring and made the wait worth it. The lack of reliance on a hook song and the driving beat makes the track more in line with modern music, and it’s a track that definitely improves as it goes on, especially at the end when the instrumental is just the driving beat looped over and over.

For better or worse, this reminded me of T-ara‘s recent efforts with the heavy EDM and the catchy-but-not-quite-iconic hooks where they aren’t totally mainstream friendly but are not tracks anybody would have to skip on a playlist. “Remember” is something that’ll grow due to the strength of the instrumental even if it doesn’t dig the claws in immediately, and though that may not be the best thing for their careers in terms of being public friendly, it’s likely the superior option for quality music.



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