T-ara win music show for the 1st time in over 5 years in bittersweet moment

For the first time since ‘Music Bank‘ on February 24, 2012, T-ara won first place on a music program, taking home the prize on ‘The Show‘ for June 20, 2017. The winning single back then was “Lovey Dovey“, and this time around it’s “What’s My Name“.

It’s bittersweet because they’re now four and may or may not be disbanding after this, and it’s impossible to not connect the gap in the wins to the bullying lies. The Hwayoung/Hyoyoung bullshit took place months after “Lovey Dovey”, while the win for “What’s My Name” comes in their first comeback after said bullshit was exposed. So like you’re happy for the members in that this is sort of like vindication from the public for them, but also salty that it’s been over five fucking years and they’ve come around when they could be done already.

Music show wins are essentially meaningless, but this isn’t about the win for me, it’s about wondering what could’ve been. Still, if it is the end, it’s a wonderful way to go out.


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Congratulations to our T-ARA. Today 20th June 2017 is a very very special day ?❤️??????

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