BTS plagiarize Big Bang’s copyrighted & proprietary ‘No Signal’ screen once again!

As you know from a previous plagiarism controversy between BTS and Big Bang, the latter group has a rock solid, impregnable copyright on the ‘No Signal’ color screen that was definitely not universally used since color television came around decades before TOP and YG Entertainment.

So you’d be surprised to learn that despite all that mess, BTS has used a ‘No Signal’ screen again as an intro for a teaser.

Big Bang stans where you at? Time to get all riled up about it just like last time! Can’t wait for this latest affront to be reported to the police. BTS are in trouble now.

I’m sure this will result in jail sentences and millions in damages. Because as we all know, every time K-pop fandoms get into it like this over shit supposedly being copied, it definitely turns out to be legit plagiarism.


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