KARD get bullying controversy started early on ‘Secret KARD’

Secret KARD‘ is blessing me with content for the rest of this week, which has the added bonus of pissing off Kpopalypse. A lot of this episode was about the show itself, but there were a surprising amount of fun moments, including their bullying controversy starting early.

T-ara part deux with Somin as the snake and BM as the innocent oppar.

BM … BM, please don’t tell me this was a ‘Black Hawk Down‘ reference, oh my god.

The puns.

Also, seeing his grandma in the audience, and knowing that he strips during the show and fucks the ground is … something.

The most awkward part about all of these shows is when they take pictures, especially selfies. Like they have to do it, but having to see the whole setup and posing seems so awkward and unnatural to me. Probably cause it’s like a reminder of what everybody looks like when they do it (except less good looking), and it’s why I hate taking selfies.

Christ, am I old?


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