Seulong & Hani couple up for “It’s You” MV, Seulong & Beenzino combine on quality song

Not gonna lie, I primarily gave this a chance because EXID‘s Hani was in the music video, as I kinda assumed it would be a bore from 2AM‘s Seulong. Thankfully though, “It’s You” was more than that.

So I expected to at least be able to watch the music video, but I didn’t expect to also have the song grow on me to the point where I’m actually going to talk about it. “It’s You” is like the type of OST track I actually do enjoy, because while it starts with all the makings of a piano ballad, the beat kicking in transforms it into something more.

Seulong’s vocals make it a pleasant experience throughout, and the soaring vocals for the chorus punctuate affairs. While I’m usually agnostic on Beenzino‘s rapping, he flourished here, using a melodic style of rap to fit the song perfectly. His addition likely takes this from actually-listenable-ballad to a surprisingly addictive song I can listen to over and over again.


Speaking of an OST for a drama, the music video plays like it’s out of one. Seulong and Hani play a G-rated Bonnie & Clyde of sorts, where they rob “love” stores with squirt guns and live carefree off that “love” until it runs out and forces them to confront reality.

It’s actually quite a cute and fun music video that’s helped by the backdrop and the fact that the two leads are gorgeous.



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