Solfa asks Korean moms about the ‘Mom-Choong’ phenomenon

Usually I just post the Solfa videos I find funny, but while his latest wasn’t that, I did find it interesting as he talked to moms about ‘Mom-Choong’, something I wasn’t aware was a thing until now.

This video honestly taught me something about moms, children, and societal expectations in Korea. Obviously I don’t have a kid and I don’t have any friends with kids in Korea, so I wasn’t aware that this was a thing in terms of people being pissed at mothers just for bringing their kid into a restaurant and stuff. The undercurrent of that judgment seems to be less about not wanting to be interrupted and more that they expect the mother to cook and feed for their kids at home to me.

Either way, unruly kids that their parents don’t check definitely suck, but like just having kids there in public spaces? I’m basically this mom.

Most importantly, was that Senny in the beginning? I hope so, since my thought was I’d be interested to hear what the other side says.


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