NMB48’s Sutou Ririka is actually getting married for real, will graduate from group

After Sutou Ririka dropped the surprise announcement at AKB48‘s election that she was getting married, there were understandably some who thought that maybe it was a joke or a publicity stunt of sorta. Well, that appears to not be the case, as Shukan Bunshun soon shed light on the relationship and she announced she would be leaving the group.

This is the first relationship she has ever been in. According to the report, Suto’s fiance is a commoner. Despite not wanting to reveal much information about him, the tabloid gathered that he is a man in his mid-20s who studied psychology and was in a band while he was a student, and is now working in the medical field. Her fiance is said to have been a fan of NMB48 prior to meeting each other, understanding idol culture and the group’s dating ban policy and developing a relationship in private. “The love ban rule is something you decide for yourself,” she divulges in an interview with Nikkan Sports. She denies the claim of him being a fan, saying he has never even seen her perform. Due to her schedule with her group, she was constantly in Osaka while he was in Tokyo and they continued their relationship long distance. The couple have been together for more than a year. He is an acquaintance of her mom’s and they first met in November of 2015 at her mom’s restaurant birthday party. He proposed to her at the start of this year with no ring, and the couple are in no rush to get married. She is not pregnant.

A married idol would certainly be a twist, and she was supposedly offered the chance, but turned it down.

The circumstances surrounding her relationship sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but hey, everybody has to make mistakes, I guess. Good luck with that.

Anyway, so this was mess, but a rather glorious one at least.


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