44-year-old man arrested for stalking 18-year-old HKT48 member

A 44-year-old man has been arrested under suspicion of stalking an 18-year-old member of HKT48, going as far as stealing the contents of her garbage.

According to reports, the man began driving by the idol’s home in Fukuoka last month. His driving would slow down as he approached the idol’s house. On May 29, the idol’s mother observed the man taking their garbage that had been place in bins outside, and driving off with its contents. She reported the incident to police the next day. The stalking continued throughout the month of June. The man is said to have became acquainted with the idol through HKT48’s handshake events. He grew to like the idol, and attended the handshake events regularly over the past 3 years. Reports indicate that the man believed that if he drove by her house, he would eventually run into the idol. Police are currently investigating the situation, including whether the man had any intentions to hurt the idol.

I guess one of the negatives about making an idol appear accessible is that delulu stans will think that means basically everything flies. Given recent events elsewhere in Japan, this continues a disturbing trend.


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