Prosecution in Iron’s trial demand jail sentence, question him about contradictions

Iron‘s assault case saga continued on in court recently, where the prosecutor pointed out Iron’s shifting story in regards to the crimes he’s accused of and also demanded that Iron serve a one-year prison sentence.

He was accused of assaulting A last September, as well as threatening to falsely report her after hurting his own thigh with a knife in October. He has denied all accusations laid against him. During the trial, the prosecution interrogated, “Regarding the assault case in September 2016, you said that you hit the victim’s face once following her request. However, during the investigation, you stated that you did not hit her and that your hand bumped into her face instead.” Iron replied, “I don’t remember well, but A always requested me to hit her. I could have bumped into her because of that, but I did not assault her.” The prosecution also questioned, “While getting your thigh treated, you stated that you hurt yourself by mistake after drinking alcohol. The medical certificate states that you hurt yourself out of anger. Is this true?” To which Iron responded, “At that time, I had both suspicion and faith in A, so I said I [hurt] myself.” He claimed that he blamed himself for the injury.

Iron’s shifting story so far is one thing, but it’s still the apology his sister made to the alleged victim that stands out for me and it’s still been unchallenged.

Also, this was rather bizarre on his behalf.

During the final statement of the trial, Iron expressed, “At first, I was angered and thought that some sides of the matter were unfair. But as the trial prolonged, I realized that I hurt [others’] feelings. I think I’m getting punished for that.”

I mean, at the moment it certainly seems like it could be for more than just hurting feelings.


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