Girl’s Day’s Sojin & Eddy Kim denied they’re dating, then later confirmed it

When it was first reported that Sojin of Girl’s Day and Eddy Kim were dating, both of their companies denied it. However, later (probably after finding out pictures were taken of them) it was confirmed by DreamT Entertainment and Sojin that they are dating.

In their official statement, the agency said, “Sojin and Eddy Kim began to express interest in each other and have very recently started dating.” In regards to their initial denial of the relationship, the agency stated, “We apologize for not conveying the right information in our previous statement in response to the sudden news reports. The reports were initially denied because they wanted to protect one another. We were just being cautious. However, after consulting with one another, the two decided to officially announce that they are indeed dating.” Girl’s Day’s Sojin stated, “I hope that people will watch over us kindly. I hope that people will continue to send their love and support to us as we continue to work in this industry.”

As a fan … FINALLY.

Time for kids already, shit.


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