G.Soul’s laid-back “Tequila” betrayed by a one-note melody that ages quickly

Though he’s released a handful of singles and composed tracks for some of K-pop’s biggest artists, G.Soul has yet to break through in the way that other acts of his genre have. Part of me wonders if his famously long training time actually hurt him. It’s hard to seem fresh and new if listeners know that you’ve been preparing for the better part of a decade. So much of this modern, groove-based r&b is about a perceived sense of unpracticed cool. It’s a shame, because G.Soul possesses one of the most multifaceted, powerful voices out there.

Tequila” isn’t as memorable as his past singles, but its tropical-inspired beat is right on trend (for better or worse). In stark contrast to a song like You, which allowed G.Soul to unleash the full power of his vocals, “Tequila” is all about riding the groove. Luckily, its instrumental is a solid blend of supple dancehall synths and thumping bass. Yes, we’ve heard it before, but there’s a reason this sound has enjoyed such longevity. There are few better vibes for this time of year, and “Tequila” is an excellent choice for a laid-back summer soundtrack.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something gripping and dynamic, “Tequila” is not your song. The melody is pretty one-note, and there’s little variation in the arrangement. Once you’ve heard the track’s first thirty seconds, you’ve essentially experienced every trick in its arsenal. It’s a shame that there isn’t more of a narrative in place to lend oomph to the track. Its repetitive structure gives “Tequila” an undeniable bounce, but doesn’t set it apart from the glut of recent releases within this genre.

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