Ex-WASSUP members Nada, Dain, Jinju have terminated their contracts with Mafia Records

Former WASSUP members Nada, Dain, and Jinju had previously filed to terminate their contracts over a lack of payment, and a recent court ruling allowed them to do so … for a price.

Mafia Records stated the courts found Nada, Dain, and Jinju could terminate their contracts with the agency upon paying a fee of 50 million Won ($43,749.50 USD) each as stated in their contracts. On June 30, Nada’s legal representation revealed the three had already deposited the penalty fees, ending their ties with Mafia Records.

So they all paid the fee (or somebody did) and now they’re officially free. However, the courts also ruled that they were entitled to get the records of their accounts from Mafia.

The courts also found Nada, Dain, and Jinju were entitled to a record of accounts from the agency as they claimed they had not received payment.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure what this means in terms of whether they’re due any compensation or if it’s just that they get access to financial records or what.

Either way, at least this seems to be settled.


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