Bomi did blackface while impersonating Michol, a beloved racist cartoon character

I missed ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘ yesterday, but it continued its run of fucking up by having A Pink‘s Bomi do blackface to impersonate the cartoon character Michol from ‘Dooly The Little Dinosaur‘.

So this is blackface, which in itself is not a great idea, but it’s also blackface of a character that’s a racist characterization of black people, as spelled out in this post towards the end of this article.

The most famous blackface Michol impersonation is probably the one from ‘Quiz To Change The World‘…

…but if that’s not enough for you, then the most blatant example that confirms Michol is inherently racist is when HIGHLIGHT‘s Kikwang did this impersonation years ago.

Uh, so if you still want to cape for this after seeing that ‘Original Michol’ impersonation then … alrighty.


Anyway, I doubt this goes anywhere since it’s a beloved children’s cartoon in Korea, and of course those can’t be racist. So I doubt anything comes of it, but these impersonations are definitely fucked up.

Yeah, it’s definitely on Bomi and ‘SNL Korea’, but really most idols would probably do it because the problem isn’t actually seen as one in Korea. Thus it really could’ve been anybody and that’s probably the big picture issue here.


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