Jung Joong Ji’s agency denies fabricating sexual harassment rumors, will sue him

Yesterday, Jung Joong Ji accused his former agency WAYZ Entertainment of fabricating the sexual harassment rumors against him for noise marketing purposes, and today that company has denied that charge and has said they will be suing him for defamation.

“While Jeong Joong Ji was on the show ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ a woman posted on [the Internet] that the trainee had apologized to her for sexually harassing her in the past. In response to this, we met with the woman and tried to see if her claims were true. We even helped the two reach a settlement. After Jeong Joong Ji gave her a sincere apology, the woman deleted all her posts. Then in early May, following the [sexual harassment] controversy along with a few other problems, we reached a mutual agreement with Jeong Joong Ji to end his exclusive contract with the agency. However, Jeong Joong Ji decided to post things on his social media account that were completely different from the truth. Because he has been spreading false information about the agency, we will be taking legal action against him for defamation.”

The important thing in there is that they apparently actually met with the sexual harassment victim and negotiated a settlement. So in effect, Jung Joong Ji trying to pin this on the company has led to said company revealing that the account was true and that he apologized for it … and now he’s gonna get sued for allegedly lying about his company making it up.



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