Jung Joong Ji of ‘Produce 101’ says sexual harassment was his agency’s marketing plan

Produce 101‘ contestant Jung Joong Ji took to Instagram yesterday to accuse his former company, WAYZ Entertainment, of purposefully spreading rumors of him sexually harassing a girl for the purposes of getting his name out to the public.

“It’s raining, so I can’t go. I’m sad … I’m envious when I see my successful friends. I couldn’t even participate. My agency spread weird rumors for ‘noise marketing’ and ruined my life, so I ended up leaving the agency. People just criticize me while not knowing the truth. It’s so hard to deal with. I really didn’t commit any crime … I’m not a criminal. They were really all fabricated rumors, but will anyone believe me?”

Well … no?

It’s definitely an odd thing to say, as the accusations of sexual harassment against him were fairly detailed with receipts including his own apology.

“Sorry for making up excuses, I won’t contact you again, I’m sorry [victim’s name] I keep saying sorry but I really am sorry. Please forgive a pervert like me, I believe in God so please forgive me I won’t do it again.. I’m really sorry, I’m continuing to repent, I’m sorry [victim’s name].. I’ll pray you continue to be well Thanks for everything.”

Most importantly, there wasn’t any rebuttal to it, which seemed to confirm that everything the girl provided was true.

So with that in mind, either his agency are the dumbest people in the world by fabricating that and then not even exonerating him for it, or he’s making this up to save some face.

Seems like the only rational thing to do would be to not believe his now-deleted accusation, since it basically makes zero sense.


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