Idol reportedly involved in sexual assault, media erroneously uses INFINITE’s Woohyun’s pic

So recently it broke that an idol was being accused of being involved in a sexual assault that involved two men, but later the alleged victim changed her story to say that the idol wasn’t involved.

In itself, that was a bit sketchy in terms of wondering what happened between her phone call to the police in the morning and when she gave her statement to the police in the afternoon, but I wasn’t going to cover the story until somebody got named or it became blatantly obvious who it was.

Unfortunately the Korean media has this tendency to use stock pictures of idols that end up connecting the idol with the crime even if they have nothing to do with it (like with SPICA‘s Jiwon). And this time around the apparent victim of that shoddy journalistic practice was INFINITE‘s Woohyun.

They cropped Woohyun’s face out, but unsurprisingly fans managed to track down that it was a picture of Woohyun from 2016’s ‘Dream Concert‘, which of course led netizens to conclude that he was involved.

MyDaily later released an apology for using the photo of Woohyun, saying, “We apologize for our carelessness in selecting the picture. We have immediately deleted it. Again, we apologize for our negligence.

Seems like a case where Woollim Entertainment should actually sue for libel.


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