KBS & Hankook Ilbo also erroneously link INFINITE/Woohyun to idol sexual assault case

After MyDaily had to issue an apology for erroneously connecting INFINITE‘s Woohyun to the ongoing sexual assault case in which an idol is connected to, KBS World and Hankook Ilbo both did the same by using blurred video from The Chaser” music video and a performance of “Between Me And You, as well as a blurred image of Woohyun‘s ‘Write‘ album teaser.

Bizarre that Woollim Entertainment doesn’t check this in some fashion at this point considering even the clues of the idol being from a five-member group and 26 years old (Korean age) don’t match Woohyun or INFINITE. The clues do match somebody else, but there’s no way that name would generate a frenzy for their content, so the only reason this INFINITE/Woohyun connection appears to be spreading at the moment is that they are the most prominent boy group that debuted in 2010 (the other clue) and thus it’s better business for the “journalists”.


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