Nick & Sammy debut with “Baby You Love Me”, an instant summer favorite

Nick & Sammy are a singer-songwriter duo living in Seoul, but hailing from both the States and Australia. Under Kiwi Media Group, they’ve just released their debut single, “Baby You Love Me,” which dares you not to vibe along.

Nick & Sammy have always marketed their sound as a mixture of genres, and I think this debut showcases that strength perfectly. “Baby You Love Me” is right up my alley sound wise, but I couldn’t wait to mention how adorable the music video starts off. The impromptu-sounding live jam session displays the fun loving and casual nature they have as a duo, and it definitely started things off on the right foot as a viewer. By the time the drop of the music starts, their personalities have already come through.

It doesn’t hurt that the song itself is an instant summer hit for me. As the mixture of pop, hip hop, and funk plays out, the duo does an excellent job of riding us through the songs catchy melody, a rap verse that doesn’t feel forced, and a break down that feels anything but try-hard or trendy, but rather cool and fun.

Pairing that with their ability to successfully write English lyrics, I’m not sure there’s any cons to this release for me. Their strengths as songwriters comes through immediately in that regard; their writing being a natural talent that was nurtured, rather than something learned.

The choice to have the music video completely monochrome and very minimal with lots of empty space was something I thought worked well against the summery sound, actually, and I really liked the way they made it clear that this is really just them with the duo playing the band.

Nick & Sammy have definitely made a great first impression with their official debut. Their signature mix of genres worked in selling the song, but also their own personal appeal worked well in selling a simple concept that could have easily been dismissed as boring.

While I think their releases being in all English can definitely work as a strength, I do wonder about the acts domestic appeal. I’d assume they’re targeting a more international market to begin with, but the BTS success story is quite rare and they’re not your typical idol group concept. Either way, they are definitely an act I’m looking forward to hearing more from in the future.

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