Ex-ICE member Yuna alleges sexual harassment by HS Entertainment CEO, lack of pay

Yuna of ICE, which was a real K-pop group that debuted and everything, revealed recently that not only did she leave the group to return to Japan, but she did so because she was sexually harassed by the CEO of her company, HS Entertainment, and that the company didn’t pay or provide for them.

In a recent interview with a Japanese magazine, Yuna revealed the horrors she experienced with HS Entertainment. “I didn’t receive any pay, nor did I receive funds for traveling. They didn’t even have enough funds to help my livelihood in our dorms, so I had to live off the allowance my parents gave me.” Furthermore, Yuna revealed the agency’s CEO sexually harassed her by touching her inner thigh and stomach. However, she never said anything in case it jeopardized her career, and kept quiet about it until now. “I endured it so that I could be successful.” Yuna also explained that she returned to Japan after terminating her contract with the agency because they failed to provide her with a visa.

After Dispatch asked HS about these claims, the company denied it.

When Dispatch contacted the agency, they completely denied everything and claimed they applied for her visa last December.

The wording of this was amusing, as if to say that they didn’t do all of it, but specifically they definitely got her that damn visa because that’s what’s most important or something.

Judging by the fact that I just found out about this and it has been a while, I doubt anything comes of it. Though that reality does make me wonder how often this stuff goes down at smaller companies and the media doesn’t even pick it up cause the public won’t give too much of a shit. Not to say that major companies don’t do it, just that if an accusation like this happens in that world, it’ll definitely be news.


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