Coco of CocoSori has opened up a YouTube channel & is a normal human being

You might know about idols like IU, Sandara, f(x)‘s Luna, Crayon Pop‘s ChoaWay, and Rainbow‘s former members Seungah & Jisook recently opening up YouTube channels, and while these idols aren’t exactly the first to do this, it’s definitely becoming a bit of a trend.

The most recent idol to hop on the train? Coco, member of the quirky cute K-pop group CocoSori.

Coco was also featured on Edward Avila‘s channel, who also often has artist AOORA in his videos. He showed us behind the scenes at ‘Music Bank‘ with Coco…

…and most recently did her makeup.

The biggest takeaway being that she came off as super down to earth and natural. More proof that idols are, in fact, normal human beings.

Personally, while her content isn’t my thing, I think it’s awesome that this is becoming more popular to do, especially for lesser known idols.

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