Gayoung, Hyoeun, Minhee tweet frustration at STELLAR’s album not being released

STELLAR‘s recent album ‘Stellar Into The World‘ was released digitally back on June 27, but three weeks later, the physical album is yet to hit stores. Members Gayoung, Hyoeun, and Minhee took to Twitter to express their frustration with the situation.

On July 13, member Gayoung posted a message on her personal Twitter, saying, “It’s been three weeks since we’ve made a comeback so why do I have to keep worrying about the production of our album? I only want to focus on our performances…” Her fellow members Hyoeun and Minhee then responded with comments like, “I just feel numb now” and “Everyday is a battle.”

It’s a bit alarming, especially since people paid $94,000 to Makestar, presumably so STELLAR’s company The Entertainment Pascal could avoid this type of mess.

But of course, all three of them had to delete their tweets, and Gayoung apologized.

After deleting the post a few moments later, Gayoung tweeted an apology, saying, “Because I’m still lacking as a person, I expressed some personal feelings that evoked some misunderstandings. I’m sorry for causing confusion.”

The company milking fans for every last cent in the Makestar campaign was ridiculous in itself, but most dealt with it since it was for the girls. However, having to hear this almost a month later and from the members itself? Not great.

Definitely makes you wonder about their upcoming contract expiration.


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