Tom Holland supposedly being racist is trending in Korea but I don’t understand at all

Tom Holland is in Korea doing the rounds for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘, and like most celebrities he linked up with Eric Nam for an interview. In the V Live broadcast, Holland has come under fire for supposedly being racist against Koreans, which is now trending in Korea, and it’s honestly bizarre.

Like not only do I find this not racist, but it seems like a perfectly reasonable question for somebody to ask while in Korea and having somebody as fluent as Eric interviewing them.

If he was in America or something, okay, that would be dumb as hell, but Koreans ask non-Koreans how they know Korean so well when they encounter somebody fluent in the language, so this seems rather … common? Even when I’m in East Asia I’m surprised when encountering other East Asians who speak fluent English because one assumes (understandably, I think) that everybody would speak their country’s language? I dunno. This is a confusing thing.


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