KARD were guests on a popular Brazilian TV show … aaaaand the host was racist to them

KARD made a guest appearance on a popular Brazilian variety show called ‘Turma Do Vovo Raul‘ during a segment called ‘Raul Gil‘, and as a result of that they trended number one worldwide on Twitter!



Aside from performing, KARD go crazy around the nine-minute mark because the host keeps asking if they’re dating, and then around 16 minutes he brings his granddaughter out who loves K-pop and is probably the reason KARD is on the show.


What’s that?


The host’s stereotypical comments about Asians starts around 46 seconds when the host is talking to the kids, asking their origin (because they are mixed, I guess), and when the last kid didn’t answer, he asked if he didn’t know what he was and said, “Needs to open his eyes, right?” Then he imitated the way Japanese speak with an accent as the Oriental riff was played in the background.

While KARD was out there, the aforementioned denial of dating happens and the audience cheered, so the host questioned them, “Are you going to marry them?” Then he followed up by making a slant-eyed gesture while saying, “You would have to stretch your eyes. Are you guys kidding?


Man, this was so blatant that I can’t even get mad, I’m almost just like impressed.

Don’t want to take the shine off KARD getting on a popular Brazilian television program, but man I had to at least point this shit out.


Thanks to callmephantom for the translations.


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