Seo Ha Joon says it was him in the masturbation vid, talks about his lack of response

Actor Seo Ha Joon was a recent guest on ‘Video Star‘, and while on the show he admitted that he was indeed the victim of a leaked masturbation video and then talked about not issuing an official response.

The MCs asked, “You were in a center of a controversy. Did you have a difficult time?” Seo Ha Joon responded, “It would be a lie if I say I didn’t.” He then shared why he didn’t provide any official statements or excuses regarding the controversy. Seo Ha Joon said, “Why wouldn’t I have wanted to speak up about it? But everyone could just tell that it was definitely me and people were already aware and I could also just tell that it was me (in the photos). People already knew it was Seo Ha Joon so I didn’t see the point of speaking up and saying, ‘Yes, that’s me’.” He continued, “I didn’t want to say it wasn’t me. It was definitely me and there was no point of denying it. Since the controversy, I think I only had about 20 seconds of happiness in total.” He added, “I worried for 3 days about an apology letter. I wrote two words with a pen and then just dazed off for 3 hours. I didn’t know what to write, whom to apologize to and just what to do…”

Admirable guy, honestly. Think he handled this humiliating moment extremely well by simply continuing on with his career and not being victimized twice by letting the criminal leaker and shitty netizens get to him.

Hopefully he continues doing well.


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